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Drum Tracking

Studio Drumming Sessions

With twenty years' experience
and top of the line gear, I am excited
to put the shine on your project
with live drums and percussion.
Let's get your track to sound amazing!

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Joe is the best drummer I have ever worked with.

Joshua Silverberg

Joe is possibly the best drummer in the music business. The best I've worked with. He knows how to see the big picture of a song while paying attention to the finest detail. Very tight. Very creative. Can play in or out of the box depending on what the song needs. He's also a great dude.

Chris McCleod

Joe is easily one of the best drummer's that I have ever heard. Not only is his playing full of passion, but it is also technically superb. He is a welcome addition to any project that I'm working on, and I imagine for anybody else that he has worked with.

Josh Morales

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