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Joe Morin

Musician and Drumming Educator

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Drum Lessons

Playing music is about having fun, and yet, finding the right drum teacher can be a real challenge. That is why I am now offering new students the chance to learn both online and in person. Contact me below for special, end of summer rates!


- Teaching All Ages, and All Levels of Ability! 

- Offering In-Home and Virtual Lessons!

- Learn Your Favorite Songs!

- Learn to Read Music!


"Joe is well-known as an excellent drummer and excellent drum teacher. He has not only been teaching my son for over a year, but I keep run into adults who are accomplished drummers who are still taking lessons from Joe. I have also found him to be personable and flexible. I highly recommend Joe." 

-Randy F

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Studio Sessions

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Choosing the best session musician for your project can be overwhelming. So, I've made it easy by guaranteeing the fastest, 48 hour turn around time in the business. Let me help bring your song to life with live drums and percussion tracks at a rate you can afford!


"Joe is an exceptional drummer, one who strikes an incredibly desirable balance between technical ability, great feel and creative ability. He plays thinking like a producer... He brings a creativity to the studio that can raise the level all around... I couldn't have asked for better results."

- Paul B

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Joe Morin is an American born, New York native, professional musician living in Nashville, TN. He majored in music education at ORU before his band, Edison Glass, signed with EMI, and released two records which they supported by touring the continental US. Joe has traveled abroad delivering drum clinics as well as one on one lessons. He has performed and recorded with a variety of artists including Phil Joel, Austin Plaine, Paper Route, The Working Title, Violents and Monica Martin and many others. Joe has also joined the ranks of indie band, Iron Range, who is playing in the Nashville area. Joe has studied with the likes of Dom Famularo, Chester Thompson, Frank Mediate and Pete Abbott.

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